Stone Cleaning Process

Please remember, no two stone restoration jobs are exactly the same. Your individual cleaning and stripping needs may vary depending upon the porosity of the surface as well as the type sealer or cleaning agents used previously.

We have developed our process over years of experience detail cleaning tile, stone and grout.

We NEVER take a “one size fits all” approach, but instead handle each job individually.

Estimate and Demonstration: in an inconspicuous area we show the cleaning power of our dry vapor process on your exact flooring material, shower or counter top. Once you see the dramatic “before and after” results we will schedule your appointment.

Preparation: we prepare not only the surface to be cleaned but the surrounding areas as well, including masking of cabinets, carpet, etc. when necessary.

Generally, in the case of flooring, we begin with an initial removal of accumulated dirt, grease and sealer. A stripping solution is applied, left to activate, followed by a mechanical scrubbing. The dirty waste water is removed using a wet vacuum. This process is repeated as necessary.

The next phase involves using a portable vapor machine giving special attention to detail of grout lines and any troublesome stains. We then follow with a “neutral rinse” which picks up any remaining haze and neutralizes the surface in preparation for sealing.

The surface is then dried in preparation for sealing.

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Flagstone Cleaning Process – Before / After

Limestone Cleaning Process – Before / After