Travertine: Filling Voids

Travertine mosaic cleaning Newport Beach

Travertine mosaic in process showing one half of it cleaned but not yet sealed. In process.

Travertine is a calcium based stone (generally soft and porous) which comes naturally with many voids (holes) showing on the surface.

These voids are sometimes filled when the stone is quarried and cut, but may also be completed farther down the line (including by the tile installers themselves) after the stone has been laid in the home.

Because of these facts there is a wide range of quality, appearance and materials used in the void filling process.

When re-filling voids on interior travertine we use only one product, Traverfil, made by Stone Pro. This filler has proven to be more durable than the alternatives (including epoxy). Another benefit is that it generally blends in better for a more consistent look from tile to tile. This product can also be color matched as necessary.

Filling voids at the time of installation has its own set of challenges. First of all many installers use a uniform colored grout that usually doesn’t match the color of the stone. The second issue is that by filling with grout a light haze can be left on the top of the stone that will need to be thoroughly cleaned in order that it is not trapped by the finishing coat.

If you have a travertine floor that needs expert cleaning or to have its voids filled and color matched contact Vaporlux Cleaning at 714.330.0973 for a free quote.

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