Travertine Floor Restoration and Cleaning in Laguna Niguel, Orange County

Here are before and after pictures that show the results of a Travertine Restoration and Cleaning  job we did on a Travertine Floor in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, California.

Travertine has become the most commonly used stone for flooring in new installations. There are a wide variety of qualities, however, and the finish can be from total flat to a high-polish. These photos show a “before and after” restoration job in Laguna Niguel, California, which brought out the real luster of the stone.

In addition to showing a high-polished surface the results also brought out the natural colors and characteristics of each stone. These pictures don’t do it justice.

Following the deep cleaning process and a neutral rinse of the floor we used the highest quality penetrating sealer to finish the job.

If you have a Travertine Floor that needs Travertine Restoration and Cleaning and live in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, California call Vaporlux Stone & Tile at today.