Stone Cleaning Tile Cleaning Corona Del Mar

If you live in Corona Del Mar, Orange County, California and need stone cleaning call Vaporlux Cleaning at (714) 330-0973 today. We clean Marble, Travertine, Granite, Slate, Limestone, Sandstone and Flagstone tiles as well as Porcelain and Ceramic tiles.

Removing Acrylic Sealer from Brick in Corona Del Mar

For this job we went to Corona del Mar and found that this Brick Hardscape needed the acrylic sealer removed.

Although many “professionals” say otherwise, we do NOT recommend using acrylic sealer(s) on most brick hardscape. The results, as pictured here, are often very negative! Depending on the surface, the sealer can tend to blister and turn opaque.

In Process
As we strip away the layers, out comes the natural color of and variations of the brick!

In Process
The application of multiple stripping agents helps lift the sealer off the brick’s surface.

If you have a brick hardscape that is in need of cleaning and you live in Corona del Mar or anywhere in Orange County please call us at for immediate assistance.

Mexican Paver Cleaning in Corona del Mar, Orange County

Here are before and after pictures that show the results of a Tile Cleaning job we did on Mexican Paver in Corona, California.

Mexican Pavers are notorious for being soft, porous and difficult to clean.

This particular floor had ceramic tile inserts which helped add a major accent to the design.

We were able to strip many layers of old sealer and remove the majority of deep set stains from the floor. Following an important neutral rinsing of the entire floor, we used a high-gloss acrylic surface sealer to bring out the color and luster.

We took precautions to not allow any sealer to adhere to the ceramic tile. The end result was a beautiful looking floor with a classic Mexican style.

If you have Mexican Paver Tiles that needs Tile Cleaning and live in Corona Del Mar call Vaporlux Stone & Tile at today.