Porcelain Tile Cleaning Porcelain Tile Cleaning

If you live in Orange County, California and need tile and stone cleaning call Vaporlux Cleaning at (714) 330-0973 today. We clean Marble, Travertine, Granite, Slate, Limestone, Sandstone and Flagstone tiles as well as Porcelain and Ceramic tiles.

Porcelain Tile Cleaning in Huntington Beach, Orange County

Here are  pictures that show parts of a Tile Cleaning job we did on Porcelain Tiles in Huntington Beach, California.

By pulling up the area rug we could show to the owner of this house the difference between fairly clean tiles and the one that needed a job. The second picture shows one tile after we cleaned it for what we call a “test clean”. It allows us to give an estimate to our clients.

If you have Porcelain Tiles that needs Tile Cleaning and live in Huntington Beach, Orange County call Vaporlux Stone & Tile Restoration at today.