Cleaning a Quarry Tile Living Room in Costa Mesa

We cleaned this Quarry Tile livingroom in Costa Mesa, California and if you have quarry tile we can clean yours too!

*54 years and never cleaned once!
This photo shows a quarry tile living room floor which NEVER should have been coated with any acrylic sealer, much less multiple layers. The grout lines are so embedded with grime, the recoated with sealer, that many have become level with the tiles!

Now you see a very clean and PROPERLY sealed quarry tile floor. This job is an example of small square footage but many, many hours of labor to get it right.

Before 2
Quarry tile is often used in commercial kitchens and restaurants because of its durability. The grout can be sealed, but the tiles should not. This acrylic sealer now brings attention to every scratch and imperfection.

After 2
Once again, a clean floor brought back to its original matte finish. Routine maintenance can give this floor another 54 years!

If you have a quarry tile floor that is in need of cleaning and you live in Costa Mesa or anywhere in Orange County please call us at for immediate assistance.