Flagstone Cleaning & Sealing in Irvine, California

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This Irvine home has a combination of Slate and Flagstone that make up a patio, the front driveway and hardscape in the back yard.

This home has more than 2,000 square feet of random slate and flagstone in front and back. As you can see, it has become colorless, while constant sprinkler run off leaves alkaline deposits.

Following our process of stripping, detail cleaning and pH neutral rinsing we applied a premium enhancer sealer throughout. Please note the stone now has great color, but with a matte (non-glossy) finish. This sealer has great durability in exterior applications.

The second set of before and after shows the work done on cleaning and sealing the flagstone and slate walkway and steps.

If you have a flagstone and slate that is in need of cleaning and sealing and you live in Irvine or anywhere in Orange County please call us at for immediate assistance.

Floor & Granite Countertop Restoration, Cleaning in Orange, Orange County

Here are before and after pictures that show the results of a Slate & Granite Restoration job we did on a Floor & Granite Counter in Orange, Orange County, California.

This slate floor had been constantly maintained with aggressive cleaning products, unfortunately the result was a dull, dirty floor without any color or lustre.

On the “after” photos, this is the same view of the slate floor following the restoration process. The use of non-recommended cleaners will break down to the floors, and cause deterioration much sooner than normal. All of our customers are instructed in proper maintenance, so as to protect their investment.

In the kitchen we also cleaned, polished and sealed the granite countertops.

If you have a Slate Patio or Granite Countertops that need Restoration and live in Orange, Orange County, California call Vaporlux Stone & Tile at today.