We Cleaned this Brick Patio on Harbor Isle in Newport Beach

Harbor Isle, Newport Beach
This planter box was placed on this brick patio only four months prior! The results of over-watering and a crazy soil mix are obvious.

Following a great deal of detail cleaning and the application of an enhancer sealer, we now see a completely restored brick patio.

If you have a brick patio that is in need of cleaning and sealing and you live in Newport Beach or anywhere in Orange County please call us at for immediate assistance.

Mexican Paver Saltillo Patio Restoration in Villa Park, Orange County, CA

Here are before and after pictures that show the results of a Tile Cleaning job we did on Mexican Paver/Saltillo in Long Beach, LA County, CA.

These Mexican pavers seemed beyond repair! The home owner was advised to tear them out and replace them. She called us out to get our opinion, so we performed our usual test/demo on

two tiles, note the extra wide and extra deep grout lines!

If you have a Mexican Paver/Saltillo surface that needs Paver Restoration and Gloss, and if you live in Long Beach, LA County call Vaporlux Stone & Tile at today.