We Cleaned Hexagonal Mexican Pavers in Long Beach

Long Beach – Mexican Pavers Patio – Hexagon Tiles

This Mexican paver patio needed a great deal of restoration work! The entire patio had been neglected for many years. In additions, the previous owner had applied a brown stain which took away the color variation and character of the tiles.

Now the distinctive colors are prevalent, and the entire room has a totally different vibe!

Before 2
The white alkaline deposits pictured here are coming from two sources: one of them is sprinklers which were allowed to over-water and left constant puddles. The other is “efflorescence” which occurs when salts and minerals leach through the tiles from the ground underneath.

After 2
Now you can see all alkaline residue removed and the natural beauty of the floor comes out! Mexican paver tiles are very soft, very porous and can unfortunately have varied results after restoration. We are experts with these tiles which require a great deal of patience and diligence!